Sealers in Hackettstown

Rejuvenate your concept of concrete at North Warren Stampcrete. Concrete is no longer just a dull, grey slab but instead a blank canvas for any decoration and color you can imagine. Go for a natural look by imitating flagstone, brick or slate—or let your imagination run away with you and get creative.

As a contractor, it is a bonus for you to be able to offer your Hackettstown clients these options to enhance their project. Not only will decorative concrete make their patio, walkway or pool deck stand out from the rest, but more likely than not they’ll save money as well!

Once you finish your concrete project, to keep it in the best condition possible, the sealer you choose is imperative.

The Best Option for the Job

Stamped concrete is different from your usual pour, in that it is patterned, giving it more texture and details than a normal sealer you would be working with. The sealer we would recommend for exterior stamped concrete is a solvent- or water-based acrylic. This sealer is recommended due to its breathability and UV-resistance, but it is also easy to apply and economical.

To allow for this texture, ensure that your concrete is cured and dried so moisture doesn’t collect under the sealer. You will be applying the sealer of your choice with a sprayer rather than a roller, which can also be purchased through North Warren Stampcrete.

When it comes to sealer, you have a couple other options aside from the base. You can choose high-gloss or matte. A high-gloss sealer gives an impressive wet look that enhances color, whereas matte provides more of a raw, natural look.

How We Can Help You

Family-owned and operated for over 15 years, North Warren Stampcrete is pleased to inform you that we sell and distribute all the decorative concrete products you could need. On top of sealers, this includes integral colors, release agents, stamp designs and more. We offer the complete line of Stegmeier products, and provide delivery service to warehouses or build sites. Working on a build and realize you’re missing materials? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to bring them to your Hackettstown build site.

Installing decorative concrete is still a relatively specialized skill. If this process is something you never considered before and require experience in, we’re happy to lend our years of experience to on-site training for your business, no matter how large or small. Produce flawless concrete and impress even the most discerning clients!

Make Your Work Last

For projects that are totally unique to each client, consider decorative concrete. To make these projects last for many years, choose to seal them properly. Over the years we’ve seen many dramatic changes to Hackettstown homes by using this material—it would be a shame for them to be damaged before their time.

Remember North Warren Stampcrete for your concrete needs whether it’s for materials or training. We are committed to customer service, and providing the best help to all our clients.