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Stegmeier Capstone Cantilevers

Are you in the process of remodeling, renovating, or building a new home? If so, you’re probably knee-deep (literally) in projects. You’re probably reviewing your contractor or drafter’s architectural design of the home, or fussing over the dimensions for your second-floor guest room.


Brickform Colors

For over 15 years, North Warren Stampcrete has been working closely with contractors and homeowners to design, stamp and color decorative concrete structures all over Lopatcong, New Jersey.

Lopatcong | Newton


Rejuvenate your concept of concrete at North Warren Stampcrete. Concrete is no longer just a dull, grey slab but instead a blank canvas for any decoration and color you can imagine. Go for a natural look by imitating flagstone, brick or slate—or let your imagination run away with you and get creative.

Hackettstown | Lopatcong

High-Gloss Sealers

The last step in every stamped concrete project is to choose a sealer. Choosing the right sealer will depend on a lot of different factors. Will it be exposed to direct sunlight for much of the day? Will it get a lot of abuse? Will it often get wet? Will you be cooking on or near it? And of course, how do you want your stamped concrete to look?


Water Base Sealers

Let’s be honest about it, most Newton homeowners don’t pay very much attention to water-based sealers, or any sealers for that matter, until something starts to go wrong in their home or business. And while others might be quick to criticize this mindset, the reality is that we at North Warren Stampcrete completely understand it. At the end of the day, the average person is often so busy with a professional and family life that they have time for little else. Thankfully for you, that is where we at North Warren Stampcrete come in.


Stegmeier Countertop Forms

Normally, when people think of concrete, they picture a grey slab that might offer superior durabil-ity—but is that long-lasting quality really worth it if it doesn’t add any esthetic value? Truth is, concrete is so much more diverse than people like to give it credit for. From patios to walkways to pool decks to countertops, there is no telling what you can use stamped and colored concrete to make your land-scape or interior design really pop.



Driveways might not be at the top of your list as a Hackettstown home or business owner, but they are an important feature of any property. It is typically the first thing any customer or visitor notices about the property. Having a driveway that stands out from the standard black asphalt can be the difference between a lasting, positive impression and being somewhat forgotten. Of course, you can’t be all style and no substance. Driveways can’t be beautiful if they aren’t functional—the surface needs to be safe to walk, play and drive on.

Hackettstown | Newton

Frontier Deck Drain

There is no question that if you’re looking for a beautiful and affordable way to build a deck in the Newton area that you can’t go wrong with stamped concrete. When you choose to build your Newton home’s new deck out of stamped concrete, not only are you choosing a material known for its strength and durability, it can also be made to look any way you want it to thanks to the stamps. The effect is so realistic that even experts will have a difficult discerning whether you used stamped concrete or if you really sprung for Mediterranean tiles.

Newton | Hackettstown

Concrete Pool Decks

If you have a pool in Newton, you need a concrete pool deck. One of the oldest and most durable materials, concrete has been increasing in popularity a lot over the years with the development of stamped concrete and staining. Now, a material to many that was assumed to be grey and boring, used primarily for parking pads, is one of the most creative and varied options around!


Countertop Forms

Have you been trying to decide on a new countertop for your Newton kitchen? These days, there are so many styles and designs that it can be hard figure out what’s best. You want to balance functionality with style, and charm with durability. It’s tough to get it just right.


Stamped Concrete

If you’re looking to renew and revitalize the look and feel of your Lopatcong home, you know there are so many decisions to ponder. Can my budget sustain a lengthy renovation, or just some quick touch-ups? Am I looking to add space or beautify the space I already have? What sort of materials should I use?


Matte Finish Sealers

If you want to make sure that your home’s concrete and flooring are completed with a proper matte finish sealer, then you need to call North Warren Stampcrete today and let us help you put the sheen and shine back to your Newton property. With a wealth of experience in all aspects of matte finish sealers, there is no doubt that we can deliver real and lasting results for your home immediately. Our commitment to providing the best service imaginable is something we are very proud of and we will always do our utmost to create a high-quality final result for your Newton home.



Patios can do a lot for a backyard. They provide a great, level and safe space to dine, socialize, and use your barbecue. But they’re not just great for a backyard, either. Patios are an extension of your home’s interior. You can treat a patio like a dining room, a living room, or even your kitchen if you have a barbecue. A good concrete patio, however, needs a quality patio installation team who knows how to work with stamped concrete. That’s where North Warren Stampcrete comes in.



If you’re looking for concrete contractors, who can also supply you with the industry’s best cement sprayers, contact North Warren Stampcrete today. Family-owned and operated since 2004, there is no one who understands home improvements and residential concrete work.