Frontier Deck Drain in Newton

There is no question that if you’re looking for a beautiful and affordable way to build a deck in the Newton area that you can’t go wrong with stamped concrete. When you choose to build your Newton home’s new deck out of stamped concrete, not only are you choosing a material known for its strength and durability, it can also be made to look any way you want it to thanks to the stamps. The effect is so realistic that even experts will have a difficult discerning whether you used stamped concrete or if you really sprung for Mediterranean tiles.

And though stamped concrete is known for its durability in the face of the elements, one thing you need to consider before the concrete gets poured is what your plans for drainage are. Newton will inevitably get hit with a heavy storm someday and if you are only counting on the sun to evaporate all the water that’s pooled on your beautiful, stamped concrete deck, you might come to regret not having a contingency plan in place.

Water is an essential component when mixing concrete. The moisture that water provides the mixtures also gives concrete its strength during the curing process. And while water is one of the most important ingredients in concrete, it can also be the most destructive in excess. If your stamped concrete deck is exposed to too much moisture, its structural integrity will be compromised, and you’ll have to spring for repairs.

Of course, this can be avoided if you just take a minute to plan for additional drainage. There are many things you can do to make sure that your deck has proper drainage like making sure it’s properly pitched and not positioned directly beneath downspouts. But as far as we, the stamped concrete experts of Newton at North Warren Stampcrete, are concerned, your best option is the frontier deck drain.

Manufactured by drain product giant Stegmeier, the frontier deck drain is a non-directional drainage system with removable top for easy cleaning. It also is made out of tough, long-lasting PVC that is non-corrosive. There is no alternative if you want easy and effective drainage for your concrete deck.

The frontier deck drain is easy to use, very effective and affordable. If you need help installing yours or if you simply have a question about how it works, feel free to give the stamped concrete experts at North Warren Stampcrete a call at (908) 362-0164 today.

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