Decorative Concrete & Sealing Services in Randolph NJ

When most people think of concrete, a dull, grey slab comes to mind - but that’s all changing! These days, concrete is being used in new and exciting ways thanks to decorative concrete. Decorative concrete, also referred to as stamped concrete, is a process that is used to enhance the appearance of concrete by pressing decorative stamps into concrete before it dries. When implemented by an experienced technician and with the right color enhancements, concrete can mimic the look of more expensive stones, such as flagstone, brick, or slate.

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At North Warren Stampcrete, we are a leading decorative concrete company offering our services to the people of Randolph and the surrounding areas. We bring more than 25 years of experience to every concrete project we take on and love working with homeowners to improve the look of their property in a cost-effective manner. When you team up with us for your upcoming decorative concrete project, we are by your side from start to finish. We are more than happy to offer recommendations on patterns, textures, designs, finishes, and colors! Your satisfaction is important to us, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure you are completely happy with the look of your property.

Endless options!

When properly sealed, decorative concrete is durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. Stamps can be implemented into a wide range of concrete surfaces, including:

  • Pool decks
  • Driveways
  • Courtyards
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Stairs
  • Walkways

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If you are in Randolph or the surrounding area, and are interested in learning more about decorative concrete or would like a free quote, get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to hear from you!