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Brickform Colors

For over 15 years, North Warren Stampcrete has been working closely with contractors and homeowners to design, stamp and color decorative concrete structures all over Lopatcong, New Jersey.

Lopatcong | Newton


Rejuvenate your concept of concrete at North Warren Stampcrete. Concrete is no longer just a dull, grey slab but instead a blank canvas for any decoration and color you can imagine. Go for a natural look by imitating flagstone, brick or slate—or let your imagination run away with you and get creative.


Stegmeier Countertop Forms

Normally, when people think of concrete, they picture a grey slab that might offer superior durabil-ity—but is that long-lasting quality really worth it if it doesn’t add any esthetic value? Truth is, concrete is so much more diverse than people like to give it credit for. From patios to walkways to pool decks to countertops, there is no telling what you can use stamped and colored concrete to make your land-scape or interior design really pop.