Stegmeier Countertop Forms in Lopatcong

Normally, when people think of concrete, they picture a grey slab that might offer superior durabil-ity—but is that long-lasting quality really worth it if it doesn’t add any esthetic value? Truth is, concrete is so much more diverse than people like to give it credit for. From patios to walkways to pool decks to countertops, there is no telling what you can use stamped and colored concrete to make your land-scape or interior design really pop.

Stamped and colored concrete countertops in particular can really make your kitchen or bathroom look incredible if they are installed by a team of reliable professionals who know their way around the ma-terial like the backs of their hand. If you are in the Lopatcong area and you are considering switching up your countertop, call (908) 362-0164 to speak to North Warren Stampcrete, the top concrete contract-ing company in the area.

For over 15 years, North Warren Stampcrete has been working with homeowners to design and install decorative concrete in all shapes and sizes. We began by installing stamped concrete features and spent the better part of a decade learning all the ins and outs of the medium. Now, our specialty is as-sisting contractors develop their decorative concrete abilities.

Whenever you are thinking of adding stamped concrete to your home, or if you are a contractor that isn’t sure how to best make a client’s stamped concrete plans into a reality, let North Warren Stamp-crete know and we will be happy to lend our expertise to the completion of your design goals. Espe-cially if you are working on something as essential as concrete countertops, we can assist you in creat-ing Stegmeier countertop forms to make sure your new kitchen or bathroom is functional, beautiful and built to last.

Why Stegmeier Countertop Forms?

Before we explain why the North Warren Stampcrete team prefers Stegmeier countertop forms over any other countertop forms on the market when we are helping to create concrete countertops, we should explain why quality countertop forms are so important.

Without quality countertop forms, there is no way for the countertop to take shape as it dries. While it is possible to build your own, custom forms, if there are any imperfections, they could end up seriously hurting the final product.

The reason North Warren Stampcrete recommends using Stegmeier countertop forms is because they are synonymous with quality. Their two-inch-thick profiles are the perfect height for any modern kitchen or bathroom in a Lopatcong residence or business.

Founded in 1968, Stegmeier LLC has been manufacturing innovative and contractor-friendly products for use in the installation of decorative concrete. Given their experience working with and innovative decorative concrete products, their forms are always our first choice when it’s time to build beautiful, new concrete countertops.

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