Stegmeier Capstone Cantilevers in Lopatcong

Are you in the process of remodeling, renovating, or building a new home? If so, you’re probably knee-deep (literally) in projects. You’re probably reviewing your contractor or drafter’s architectural design of the home, or fussing over the dimensions for your second-floor guest room.

What about your backyard area, your patio, your garden, or even your front lawn? What about your inground pool?

Many people in the Lopatcong area fail to think about all the property that surrounds the four walls of their home. But the truth is, your lawn and garden can and should be able to provide you with as much enjoyment and comfort as the inside of your house!

Like your actual home, though, making sure your property is accommodating to yourself and guests requires a little bit of work.

North Warren Stampcrete has over 15 years of experience in installing gorgeous concrete walkways, patios, and more. Since 2004 we’ve even expanded our services to distributing stamped concrete and other building materials. Some of our most in-demand items are the Stegmeier Capstone Cantilever forms.

Do you have dreams of installing a pool on your Lopatcong property? If you want to get the most out of that pool, you’re going to need concrete coping forms. Want a pool deck? You’ll need to call a company who knows a thing or two about deck coping.

What are Cantilever Forms?

When you first hear ‘cantilevered concrete coping,' it sounds strange. But sit tight and we’ll explain it for you. If you look at your neighbor’s inground pool, you’ll notice that their concrete deck actually cantilevers out beyond the pool shell. How do they do that? With cantilever forms, that’s how.

Stegmeier’s Cantilever Forms are foam forms that are attached to pools with double-face tape or wires before concrete is poured to complete the pool deck. The capstone cantilever forms allow for the concrete to be poured without it slipping off into the pool itself. The forms even allow for the edges of the concrete to have a bull-nose edge that cantilevers over the pool by several inches. This process is known as cantilevered concrete coping.

Stegmeier Capstone Forms for Your Lopatcong Pool

If you’re considering getting an in-ground pool, you need to decide what kind of ‘coping’ you want for your inground pool. If you contact your local experts in stamped concrete, they’ll provide you with a variety of decorative concrete form liners to choose from. At North Warren Stampcrete, we’ll always suggest Stegmeier’s Capstone Cantilevers. Why? Because they’re the best forms for concrete pool coping on the market.

If you are a contractor or homeowner interested in finding out more about stamped concrete, Inground Pool deck forms and decorate concrete, don’t hesitate to give North Warren Stampcrete a call. We distribute the complete line of Stegmeier products, ranging from cantilever copings right down to step liners.

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