Patios in Lopatcong

Patios can do a lot for a backyard. They provide a great, level and safe space to dine, socialize, and use your barbecue. But they’re not just great for a backyard, either. Patios are an extension of your home’s interior. You can treat a patio like a dining room, a living room, or even your kitchen if you have a barbecue. A good concrete patio, however, needs a quality patio installation team who knows how to work with stamped concrete. That’s where North Warren Stampcrete comes in.

Established in 2004, North Warren Stampcrete differs from the other patio professionals in Lopatcong by being able to distribute, design, and install all the stamped concrete materials necessary to bring your patio to life. Other companies might be limited in their abilities, leaving you to seek the services of many different companies for one job. That’s not our style. We’re the full-service patio team you can count on. Everything from our materials to our services are first-rate. Some of our materials vendors include Stegmeier LLC, Solomon Colors, Inc. and Brickform.

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Outdoor Patio Designers and Installers

Some patio contractors only offer a limited number of services. In Lopatcong, you’d be lucky if you didn’t have to rely on three different companies to complete your patio project. That’s why North Warren Stampcrete has worked hard to become the full-service patio company we are today. We’ll source all the materials you need for your patio, we’ll design your patio, we’ll install the concrete pavers and fine-tune your patio until it looks perfect!

After years of designing and installing stamped concrete patios, we even started educating other contractors in our area. If you’ve ever worked with another stamped concrete contractor and were satisfied with the results, you have us to thank for it! Who better to handle your home’s patio than the company every other Lopatcong professional learned from?

Patio Contractors in Lopatcong

Are you interested in a stone paver patio? What about a brick paver patio? Do you want a patio that compliments your existing pool deck, or one that really stands out? North Warren Stampcrete can do it all. With almost two decades of patio installation and patio design experience, there is nothing we can’t do.

Some patio contractors in Lopatcong might tell you that patio designs are limited, but that isn’t true. That’s just them admitting their own lack of creativity and ambition. North Warren Stampcrete, however, has been in the business long enough to know that the sky is the limit. Some of the popular patio design patterns include:

  • Running Bond Patio Paver Pattern
  • Herringbone Patio Paver Pattern
  • Circular Patio Paver Pattern
  • Basket Weave Patio Paver Pattern
  • Random Patio Paver Pattern

Paver Patio Installation

Do you want to hear more about our patio design and installation services? Give North Warren Stampcrete a call. We’re always available to talk!