High-Gloss Sealers in Hackettstown

High-Gloss Stamped Concrete Sealers in Hackettstown

The last step in every stamped concrete project is to choose a sealer. Choosing the right sealer will depend on a lot of different factors. Will it be exposed to direct sunlight for much of the day? Will it get a lot of abuse? Will it often get wet? Will you be cooking on or near it? And of course, how do you want your stamped concrete to look?

When you call North Warren Stampcrete, we’ll go over all these questions with you to select the sealer that will suit your needs. One of our favorite sealers, which gives concrete a sort of wet or satin look, is the high-gloss sealer. This gorgeous product will add the finishing touch to your beautiful stamped concrete path or patio. Let’s take a close look at some of the advantages of high-gloss sealers.

Why Choose a High-gloss Sealer?

High-gloss sealers are typically solvent-based acrylics. This makes them great for protecting the concrete against the effects of UV rays, which threaten to break down and discolor the concrete. It’s also breathable, meaning it allows air to pass through the concrete and into the foundation below.

High-gloss also has the advantage of being water resistant. This is very important because concrete is a porous material. If the concrete is not properly sealed, water can seep in causing damage over time. In the winter this can be especially problematic when temperatures drop below freezing. In those conditions, unsealed concrete is liable to crack if the moisture within freezes. Not good! Thankfully, high-gloss sealers cause the water to bead up and roll off the surface. This added level of protection will increase the lifespan of your stamped concrete.

How is High-gloss Sealer Applied?

The first thing to remember is that concrete typically needs about 28 days to properly cure before any stain is applied. Applying a high-gloss sealer before this time will most likely result in an ineffective sealer. There are certain products that can be applied before that time, but it’s best to speak with the professionals at North Warren Stampcrete first.

High-gloss sealers are applied as a thin coat with either a paintbrush or roller. It’s important to evenly distribute the sealer so it goes on in a single smooth finish. The idea is to give concrete the look of true stone, while protecting it from the damages of wear, oils, and other contaminants. Because concrete is porous, we usually apply high-gloss sealer in two thin coats rather than one thick one. This will ensure that it is uniform and will not puddle in places.

How Often Should Stamped Concrete Be Resealed?

It depends on use, damage, and wear, but usually concrete needs to be resealed every one to three years. There are some common signs that it’s time to reseal your concrete. Some of these include:

  • Water no longer beads up on the surface and instead is absorbed right into the concrete.
  • The high-gloss sealer is no longer high-gloss and instead looks worn out and dull.
  • There are sections of the concrete that are severely scratched.

If you need your stamped concrete sealed or resealed with a high-gloss sealer, contact the Hackettstown pros today. Contact North Warren Stampcrete for all your stamped concrete needs!