Driveways in Hackettstown

Driveways might not be at the top of your list as a Hackettstown home or business owner, but they are an important feature of any property. It is typically the first thing any customer or visitor notices about the property. Having a driveway that stands out from the standard black asphalt can be the difference between a lasting, positive impression and being somewhat forgotten. Of course, you can’t be all style and no substance. Driveways can’t be beautiful if they aren’t functional—the surface needs to be safe to walk, play and drive on.

Balancing functionality and an esthetic boost has never been easier with the help North Warren Stampcrete. For over 15 years, North Warren Stampcrete has been helping homes, business and contractors in the Hackettstown area design and install decorative concrete for all types of projects, especially driveways. Driveways have become one of the more popular applications for stamped concrete because of the design flexibility it affords property owners.

Far too many people are under the wrong impression that driveways are only available in plain, boring asphalt. The stamped concrete experts at North Warren Stampcrete are here to tell you that the look and feel options of your Hackettstown driveway are virtually unlimited when you let us help you install a decorative concrete driveway.

To discuss your options, please call (908) 362-0164 to find out more about what our team of stamped concrete experts can do for your Hackettstown home or business.

Stamped Concrete Driveways

Concrete continues to be one of the most durable building materials known to man. When you get an asphalt driveway, not only does it look a little drab, it requires frequent replacement and very rarely will it last for its projected 20 years. Concrete driveways can last up to 30 years with ease and you can totally customize how it looks, which can easily make your property more valuable.

Using stamped concrete to build your home or business’s driveway is often more cost effective than any of the alternatives. For example, if you have your heart set on a cobblestone, brick or natural slate driveway, the quote a mason gives you is likely to be way out of your budget. And that’s where we can come in. We can replicate these natural stones using concrete to give your driveway the look and feel you want at a fraction of the cost.

Aside from the different patterns we can create with stamped concrete, there are a number of different coloring methods. We can easily customize the color of your driveway to complement your home and landscape.

So, no matter what you have in mind for a more beautiful driveway, call (908) 361-0164 today to discuss your design ideas with a member of our highly qualified staff. We will be glad to provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate on your new stamped concrete driveway.

What is a Concrete Overlay?

One of the amazing features of concrete is its versatility. In fact, it’s practically revolutionary for its durability and customizability. People often ask us whether it’s possible to pour concrete over their existing patio or driveway. The answer is, as usual, a resounding YES!

If you already have an asphalt driveway or patio, we can pour a ¼ inch concrete overlay right on top. And with stamped concrete technology, we can turn that poured concrete into a beautiful cobblestone or flagstone patio—at a fraction of the price. There’s no better way to reclaim the look and curb appeal of your Hackettstown home than with a stamped concrete overlay from North Warren Stampcrete.

Why do we Use Stamps for Our Hackettstown Driveways?

We only use professional grade concrete imprints. In our opinion, there is simply no other way to create the look of natural cobblestone or flagstone. Other concrete companies will claim that they do hand carving—as if the fact that it was made by hand made it better. In other trades that might be true, but for poured concrete? No way. The result is more inconsistencies, more errors, and in the end, more disappointment.

Stamps allow the concrete artisan to create a functional pattern that repeats itself throughout the entire space of the driveway. It is consistent across the whole thing. If you want custom designs, such as multiple patterns and alternating colors of concrete, stamps make it possible. They allow our concrete artisans to create clean edges, perfect squares, and exact shapes. They allow for us to create the perfect driveway, every time.

Remember that with concrete, you only get one shot. There aren’t second chances—unless you want to repour the whole driveway. So it better be done right the first time!

Each one comes with its own aesthetic, its own look and personality. Check out the products section on our website for examples some of our more popular designs. For those who are familiar with stamped concrete, here are a few stamps that we offer:

  • • Arizona Flagstone
  • • River Rock
  • • Double Frame Stone
  • • 6”x6” Texture Tile
  • • River Stone
  • • Herringbone Brick
  • • Antique Wood Planks
  • • Random Slate
  • • Running Bond Brick
  • • Single Framed Stone
  • • Parisian Fan
  • • Italian Cobblestone

A Near Infinite Range of Colors and Textures

Without a doubt, the best part of stamped concrete is the range of colors and textures that are possible. This isn’t just for stamped concrete either. It’s one of the huge advantages of all kinds of concrete construction. You can use a uniform pattern and color, or you can have different colored stones with intersecting patterns. It’s up to you. Our skilled concrete artisans are trained to bring even the most complicated driveway ideas to reality.

Concrete is one of the most versatile driveway building materials available on the market today. Take advantage of it and give North Warren Stampcrete a call!

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